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Twitter API

The following are various programs to interact with the Twitter API via Python.

  1. getUserInformation: Get user information based on user id

  2. getting_likes_for_csv: Takes a already existing csv in that has to contain at least tweet_id and adds likes and retweets to it

  3. Response_Retriver_Brexit: This code searches for terms related to Brexit (you can just change the searchwords for other topics) it further searches for all responses that the original tweets received.

  4. Universal_Downloader: This code takes in existing user_ids and searches for their timeline and other information

  5. json_to_jsonl_binder: This code takes individual json file containing for example a tweet or user information and creates one large jsonl file.

  6. json_remover: This code deletes all jsons in a directory, which can be useful if this directory has a large number of files, because cmd cannot remove them anymore.

  7. Location_Classifier: This code categorieses twitter users into either USA, UK or undefined based on their self described location on their twitter profile.