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Sentiment Analysis

Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC)

In order to be able to use LIWC, complete the following steps.

  1. Purchase LIWC.
  2. For LIWC 2015, the dictionary in the following .jar file in LIWC installation folder (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\LIWC2015): \app\lib\LIWC2015-app-1.4.0.jar.
    • You can open the jar file using WinRAR as an archive and find LIWC2015_English_Flat.dic in com/liwc/LIWC2015/data/dict/.
    • Further info: Issue 5 for LIWC2015
  3. Extract the LIWC2015_English_Flat.dic using WinRar (THIS FILE IS STILL ENCRYPTED).
  4. Use the script change in and output locations and .jar location to your directories.
  5. Use the unencrypted file, such as in the uploaded example

Additional information can be found here: LIWC and Issue 3 for LIWC2015